Deanna Mason

Rest Consultant for Mom Entrepreneurs

Helping you create sustainable rhythms of rest as you grow your business, serve your community, and raise your family.

Hi, I’m Deanna Mason, wife to one sexy man, mom to two amazing kiddos and two fur babies, servant of one faithful Savior, and I really love coffee and cupcakes.

Deanna’s Story

Deanna Mason is a Rest Consultant with Refreshed Moms LLC – a faith-based consulting company – and host of the Refreshed Moms Podcast, where she helps mom leaders consistently nurture their faith, enjoy consistent opportunities for rest, and generate consistent revenue.

Through her consulting, events, Bible resources, and business building approaches aligned with motherhood, Deanna helps moms prioritize nurturing their faith – whether in short periods of time during the day or with longer deep dives of sabbath rest – in order to exchange overcommittment and burnout with renewing spiritual rest.

She is also the Founder of Needle Movers for Social Equity, an organization dedicated to closing the social equity gap in America in education, personal finance, and community.

Holding a BA degree in Marketing from Georgia State University, she started her entrepreneur journey by freelancing as a marketing consultant for small businesses, which allowed her to completely replace her full-time income in order to resign and stay home with her young children.

Now, she’s created the lifestyle, marketing systems, wellness strategy, and margin to be able to run a business and non-profit while still prioritizing her faith, family, and rest.

Her mission is to help other moms do the same thing.

My Values & Beliefs

I believe that…

...our world desperately needs the voices and leadership of women influencers.

...moms need permission to build businesses differently.

...that spiritual rest is a vital part of building a successful business.

...women shouldn’t have to put their earning potential on hold in order to start and raise a family.

...that leggings are indeed real pants.

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