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The Effective Prayer Bible Study Series – Enroll for FREE

Explore God’s promises and character regarding prayer – and strengthen your faith in his desire to answer every single one.

Running LIVE March 20 – April 30


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Does God hear and answer prayer – or to be more specific, does God hear and answer your prayers?

I think that’s the part we sometimes struggle with. 
I bet you can look across your life and identify an answered prayer for someone you know, and you know there is evidence of him answering prayers in your life too.
But, does it feel like a game of chance when you go to God with your prayers? Do you have a “maybe he will maybe he won’t”  kinda vibe?
Or possibly you’ve felt so disappointed by seemingly unanswered prayers that you’ve gotten to the point where you know you love God, but you don’t know if you trust him?

What if you could:

Be confident that God hears every single prayer that you pray?
Identify and recognize God’s responses to your prayers?
Hold God accountable, yes accountable, for his promises and character?
Use prayer to know God and his ways more in order to strengthen your faith in him?
Feel like your prayer time wasn’t wasted effort, but every single time you prayed you knew it was worth it?

In just 6 weeks uncover how to pray more confident prayers that you know God hears (and answers!) with the Effective Prayer Bible Study (a Refreshed Moms Precepts-Guided Study).

The Effective Prayer 6-Week Bible Study will guide you through simple scripture observations about prayer in order to learn how to bring your will in line with God’s and apply his truths to your life.

With the study you’ll be able to:


Enjoy easy-to-consume scripture lessons on prayer that fit easily within your day


Pick and choose which lessons to study - you won't fall behind if you miss a day - Just pick up where you left off


Walk through a study of the Lord's Prayer and i'll teach you a creative option to pray it as a modern day believer


study the things the bible says actually hinder your prayers to god


Examine how our patriarchs of faith, like david and elijah, boldly prayed to god knowing god would respond (so you can pray like them too)


Gain a greater understanding of prayer & confidence that god hears every single one of yours!

You’ll have the opportunity to explore both God’s expectations of and his promises to you regarding prayer, and discover a model for talking with God, learning key principles of prayer that will draw you closer to him.

This isn’t about creating a religious, legalistic, rigid check-list prayer practice, but the Bible shares beautiful examples of how God’s people prayed to him effectively and powerfully, and we can do the same thing today.

Go on a journey of growth and discovery for your own prayer life with me and Refreshed Moms.

I’ll provide 6-weeks of daily study invitations, but you can choose how you approach your study.

Some ideas include the following:

Go at your own pace.

You can use these lessons in your daily devotional time. If one lesson a day isn’t enough and you tend to study for longer periods of time, just complete more than one lesson or use your time for opportunities to study more deeply with other Bible resources.

Study the lessons on your weekends or slower days.

Weekends and times of sabbath lend themselves to slower days with more room to study and pray. Instead of a daily Bible lesson approach, consider going through a few lessons on days of rest as a part of your worship to God.

Enjoy the lessons within the margins of your day.

Take 20 minutes…

in the morning

while the kids are napping/playing

right after dinner

or before bed.

You don’t need a lot of time to fit effective study in, just trust that God will show you when to insert it into your day… and honor him with your time when he does.

Join this Bible study if you:

→ Feel like your prayer life is a struggle right now.

→ Desire to pray more confident prayers.

→ Need a simple approach to Bible study that is a step or two deeper than a devotional.

→ Want to create a more consistent prayer life.

→ Feel like a guided Bible study is just what you need to maximize the little time you have to read scripture.


Here’s how to access this study:

In the past, I’ve wondered many times if God would answer a specific prayer of mine. I’ve prayed for healing for loved ones, financial breakthroughs, wisdom, guidance, protection…

And if I’m being honest, sometimes I felt as if he ignored my petitions.

I prayed, and people still died.

I needed money, and I still went without.

I’ve needed wisdom, and I still made a decision that felt like the wrong one afterwards.

Enough of these occurances strung together over time caused me to doubt and allow unbelief to creep into my heart.

I had no confidence in my prayers.

I prayed because I felt like it was my “good Christian duty”, but I didn’t always expect God to actually respond.

Have you ever felt this way?

Over time and after more study (and a bit more life experience), I’ve grown in my understanding of what prayer actually is – what it looked and felt like between my Father and me.

His holy scriptures have illuminated my understanding of his character and his ways.

I stopped approaching God as someone who was obligated to do what I asked (#ouch) and instead began to learn more about who he was, how his scripture described him as he engaged with his creation, and how his people – and his Son – prayed to him.

And my entire prayer life changed.

Now when I pray, I absolutely know God is getting involved with my life. I know he has a response, and I know he will never respond contrary to his character and promises.

I know God answers my prayers.

If you desire to know the same thing for yourself – attacking doubt and unbelief like I’ve learned (and am still learning) to do, then study Effective Prayer with me.

I’m Deanna Mason, Creator of Refreshed Moms, Bible teacher, marketing consultant, and your very excited guide during this study.

It is my pleasure to take you on a journey of discovery in God’s word about his gift of prayer and his desires for you.

Let’s grow together.

Allow the holy scriptures to strengthen your faith with the conficence that God hears and answers every single one of your prayers with the  Effective Prayer Bible Study.