January Scripture Writing Plan – Unspeakable Joy

Happiness is a fleeting, conditional emotion, but the joy available to us through Jesus is everlasting, eternal, and transcends our feelings and circumstances. Journey in scripture about the promise of unspeakable joy given to you from your sweet Savior.

February Scripture Writing Plan – God’s Unfailing Love

In the month where we focus a lot on the love received from others, I invite you to spend time with God embracing his radical, amazing, satisfying, unconditional, everlasting and unfailing love for you with this daily scripture writing plan.

March Scripture Writing Plan – God’s Freedom

This month, I invite you to lean into the topic of freedom and open your heart to how God views true freedom for all humanity – I promise you it’s better than anything that can be articulated through laws and governing leadership, and no matter how free you may or may not feel naturally, or how your liberties in your country are challenged, God’s divine freedom is truly all you need.

April Scripture Writing Plan – 

Scriptures to nurture your confidence and faith in God.

May Scripture Writing Plan – 

Scriptures to use to pray for your children.

June Scripture Writing Plan – Rest

A study on REST.

July Scripture Writing Plan – Worry & Anxiety

These scriptures will walk with you through laying worry and anxious feelings at the feet of Jesus, and allow him to guide your heart to trusting and relying on him.

August Scripture Writing Plan – Patience

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself challenged with feelings of impatience as you’re waiting on much needed clarity and answers from the Father. Walk with me this month on a journey to exchange an unsettled heart with one that’s willing to patiently wait on God’s answers and promises.

September Scripture Writing Plan – Releasing Stress

What does God have to say about releasing stress? You know, I’m all about relaxing in my favorite chair in the evening with a glass of wine, but something tells me when God deals with stress, he’s dealing with it in a way that leads me to a freedom peace that red wine can’t touch. Journey with me this month in discovering what God’s word has to say about stress relief.

October Scripture Writing Plan – Forgiveness

There is no faith walk without forgiveness, and although there are times we find it difficult to forgive those that have wronged us – as well as extending it towards ourselves – our ability to embrace it is directly tied to our enjoyment of spiritual rest.
Rest in a scripture journey through God’s word on forgiveness this month, and allow your soul to be refreshed and renewed.

November Scripture Writing Plan – Thanksgiving

November is a month where our hearts are more centered around our gratitude and thankfulness. This plan will help you journey with God around his goodness in your life, and remind you just how thankful you are for his provision and guiding hand.

December Advent Scripture Study – Heavenly Peace

Peace on Earth and good will towards man – that’s what this season celebrates – that’s what the birth of Jesus promised us all. But, have you ever taken the time to really journey with Jesus in scripture about what his peace really means and looks like? I invite you into a time of study with him with this scripture study plan.