I believe there is a distinct difference between reading scripture and studying scripture, and here’s why.

Moms pray and study the Bible differently when their time and energy is spent raising children while leading in other areas.

Time has a way of getting away from us when we are busy fulfilling multiple roles of responsibility.

But unfortunately, understanding that reality doesn’t always take your guilt away around feeling like you need to:

  • Study the Bible more

  • Pray longer

  • and Rest better

I know you desire meaningful, intimate times with God during your very busy season of parenting while supporting a business, ministry, or homeschool, and with the Refreshed Moms Membership, your ability to nurture your faith in God and enjoy consistent rest will grow even if you feel like you only have a few minutes a day to give.

Start where you are using the margins of your day.

Allow God to show you new and possibly unconventional ways to spend time with him that align with your current season.

Grow to creating disciplined consistency around rest and faith practices – even if you’re only using small pockets of time.

If your life feels too full and misaligned with your desires around spending time with God, being a present mom, and doing fulfilling work, it doesn’t have to.

The Refreshed Membership is here to help.

I invite you to join today.

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