Refreshed Moms

I help moms running a business, ministry, or homeschool who feel weary or overcommitted create consistency around sabbath, prayer and Bible study in a way that makes room for your rest and relationship with God, even when your calender feels too full and your energy spread too thin.

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In order to sustain your work, you must make room for your rest and the faith disciplines that refill and refresh you.

If you’re ready to experience a new reality where you:

Prioritize nurturing your faith through intimate prayer and Bible study…

Are mentally present to enjoy your children and spouse when you’re not working…

Learn how to create and sustain a weekly 24-hour sabbath practice that absolutely refreshes and restores you…

Make room every year for sabbaticals and intentional times of spiritual renewal…¬†

Then you’re in the right place.

About Me

I’m Deanna Mason, the creator of Refreshed Moms where I teach mom leaders how to create weekly, quarterly, and annual sabbaticals in order to spend deeper, richer, more intimate time with God and family.

Through my podcast, sabbath rest community, and mini-sabbatical events, I’ll help you make room for the rest you need in order to sustain the work God has called you to do.

“Deanna offers valuable resources on how to create and maintain a business as a working mom, but her resources on faith and life are invaluable.”

Lisa Bush

Creator of Working Mom Wellness

“Deanna has helped me prioritize my rest by helping me see that incorporating rest into my days actually helps my business. Thanks to what she has taught me, cutting back my hours didn’t impact my sales at all!”

Jennifer Bliss

Creator of JBliss Guitar Studios