Create Your Dream Work Week
A flexible & realistic approach to getting work done.

Monday: You wake with a plan to spend at least a couple hours working in your business. But, your kids decide that’s the day they take the bag of flour out of the pantry for some creative play.

Tuesday: Your pipes burst in your kitchen and you have to call a plumber for an emergency visit, as well as clean up the mess it created. Well, at least you have Wednesday, right?

Wednesday: The babysitter calls off sick. Say good-bye to those 2 hours at the coffee shop you’d planned for focused work.

Thursday: You beg your husband to be the primary parent for the evening so you can get some work done. FINALLY! You sit down in your work nook and squirrel away your precious time by watching training videos, answering a few emails, and scrolling Facebook.

Friday: You’re exhausted but for the love can’t think of anything you’ve completed.

Any of this sound familiar?

Well, today is your magical day! I’m going to show you how to craft a dream work week that will help you actually get your work done.




Get in touch with your most important tasks.

I’ll show you my approach to capturing all of my tasks and projects for the week, and what to do when surprises hop on your to-do list.

Task Prioritization

All tasks are not created equal. With just a pen and your journal, I’ll show you how to master task prioritization in just a few seconds.

Plan, Create, & Execute

This is my magical approach to creating both schedule flexibility and the feeling of time control. I’ll show you how to make your weekly plan, and how to get back on track when it gets interrupted or unexpectedly needs to change.

You’ll also receive two guided meditations to help you connect with God as you stay in touch with your to-do list, and gently surrender what doesn’t get done.

A meditation to help you plan and set your task for the day.

A meditation to help you express gratitude for your day, what you completed as well as what you surrendered to do later.

Thank you Deanna for this faithful tool! I am up wayyy past my bedtime, lol, but I needed to get this done so that I can finally get control of my schedule. Looking forward to a productive week!

– Dawn Covin

I had no idea that I was working this much! Now there are small breaks in my day for when the kids need me for x,y,z and then I can get back to work.

– Elise Erickson

Meet Deanna.

Deanna Mason is a business burnout recoverer and the creator of Refreshed Moms where she teaches mom entrepreneurs how to plan and enjoy spiritual work sabbaticals – without losing revenue while they rest.

Through her podcast, app, and Refreshed Moms Business Reset Program, she’ll help you eliminate business burnout by creating consistent rest practices that make room for your faith, family, and work.

You can feel in control of your time & enjoy a flexible schedule.

And I’ll help you do it with the Create Your Dream Work Week Course.