A Refreshed Moms 2022 Advent Study

Heavenly Peace

A FREE advent study for you and your family that keeps Jesus the focus of the Christmas season.

 In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, enjoy daily opportunities of spiritual rest and fall in love with the one who offers a peace that surpasses human knowledge –  Jesus. 

Peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

That’s what the Christmas season celebrates, and it’s also what the Jewish believers in the New Testament believed would be delivered to them with their promised Messiah. A humble baby born in meager conditions was not exactly what they were looking for… but he was exactly what their hearts longed for.

What does peace on earth actually mean?

Is there a feeling you should be searching for?

How can you have peace in the midst of suffering and pain?

Can you only have peace if your life looks and feels the way you desire?

Is there such a thing as living in peace with unpeaceful people?

What is the peace the Jews so desperately desired, that Jesus delivered and that God still today so abundantly gives?


I invite you into this opportunity to refresh your heart and journey with Jesus with a renewed Christmas hope around his sweet, abundant peace in the midst of unpeaceful life circumstances.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

The CEO of Refreshed Moms and Founder of the non-profit Needle Movers for Social Equity, Deanna is a recoverer of burnout caused by unrealistic personal expectations around goals for both work and family.

As a result, she shut the doors of her thriving organization in 2014, and took a 3-year sabbatical from entrepreneurship.

While taking time to recover from her overextended life, she learned how to embrace the rest she needed to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well as she raised and homeschooled her children.

After that 3rd year, she felt God calling her back into business with the goal of helping other moms like her – moms fulfilling multiple leadership roles such as entrepreneurship, homeschooling, or ministry – sustain their work and family with sabbath rest practices that renew and refresh.

She started Refreshed Moms to do exactly that.

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This is a no-pressure study. Remember, you can:

Follow along at your own pace. It’s OK to miss a day – this isn’t about perfection.

Insert your study into a weekly sabbath rhythm.

Include your children… or not. This can be just for you or you can pull them in. 

Choose to do an activity or two, or don’t do one at all.

The goal is not to feel pressure to do one more thing, but to help you practice stillness and gratitude with a simple Bible study on the peace of Jesus during the busy of the Christmas season.

Keep Jesus top of you and your children’s mind heart this Christmas season with the Refreshed Moms Heavenly Peace Advent Scripture Study. Join me below.