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The Refreshed Moms Membership 

Welcome to the membership for moms who desire weekly rhythms of Bible study, prayer, and rest in order to know God more and sustain the work they feel called to do.

If you’re running a business, ministry, or homeschool but all of your responsibilities seem to keep you feeling too busy to spend meaningful time with God or make room for the rest you need, then this membership is for you.

Moms pray and study the Bible differently when their time and energy is spent raising children while leading in other areas.

Time has a way of getting away from us when we are busy fulfilling multiple roles of responsibility.

But unfortunately, understanding that reality doesn’t always take your guilt away around feeling like you need to:

  • Study the Bible more

  • Pray longer

  • and Rest better

I know you desire meaningful, intimate times with God during your very busy season of parenting while supporting a business, ministry, or homeschool, and with the Refreshed Moms Membership, your ability to nurture your faith in God and enjoy consistent rest will grow even if you feel like you only have a few minutes a day to give.

Start where you are using the margins of your day.

Allow God to show you new and possibly unconventional ways to spend time with him that align with your current season.

Grow to creating disciplined consistency around rest and faith practices – even if you’re only using small pockets of time.

There are many moms who desire to be home with their children, but feel the tug of entrepreneurship or ministry while their children are still young.

The biggest challenge is trying to be everything to everyone at the same time, which results in a depletion of energy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

And one of the first things that falls to the wayside in the midst of this overcommitment is time with God.

When your life gets too full and you’re spread too thin, you may feel like:

✔️ Your shower is the only place you can get quiet and pray

✔️ That fulfilling rest and sabbath are out of reach right now while raising kids

✔️ You know you’re called to business, ministry, or homeschool but don’t know how to make time with God feel meaningful

✔️ You’re disappointing God because you only have a few minutes a day to give him


You may feel too busy to pray, study, and rest as you parent and fulfill other roles, and that’s OK.

Why is that OK, Deanna?

Because in the Refreshed Moms Membership I’ll help you leverage the pockets of time you have in order to prioritize the most important thing – nurturing your relationship with God.

Here’s what your membership includes:

CORE COURSE: A Mom’s Guide to Sabbath Rest

A Mom’s Guide to Sabbath Rest is an audio course that leads you in creating a refreshing sabbath rest practice that considers your unique home life, your season of parenting children, your work, and your worship.

Creating a restful, fulfilling sabbath practice takes time. It is filled with nuances that are unique to you and your life season. No two journeys are the same.

But, the main goal will be to create consistency around your time with God so that he can begin guiding you into his desires for your rest as well as make room for what your heart is desperately craving.

GUIDED BIBLE STUDY: The Effective Prayer Bible Study

By using a gentle, accessible approach to studying the Bible inductively, The Effective Prayer Bible Study will guide you in exploring God’s promises regarding prayer while strengthening your faith in his desire to answer every single one.

PRIVATE PODCAST: Refreshed Moms Membership Podcast

I record bonus podcast episodes just for the members, and most are inspired by personal requests inside the membership or from questions asked within our private community.

PRIVATE APP: The Refreshed Moms Membership App

You can now have all of your Refreshed Moms Courses, Bible Studies, Podcasts, Downloads, and Private Community in one place! Download our app for free inside the membership, and staying connected will become so easy!

Deanna provides such actionable steps to avoid burnout as a mom who is also an entrepreneur, homeschooler, wife, and everything above! I am grateful for her and the community she has built.


I've personally worked with Deanna and she is the real deal. She knows what it's like to juggle motherhood and being an entrepreneur.

Vanessa Wright


When you join the community, you’ll also partner with me to support mom missionaries at the same time!

The Refreshed Moms Membership is where I’ll help you create rest and sabbatical rhythms while cultivating your Bible study and prayer disciplines.

It’s also how Refreshed Moms supports vocational mom missionaries who are raising children while in ministry service – profits from the are set aside to aid moms who are currently leading in missions as their primary job.

These moms forfeit their ability to work a “normal” job in order to obey God in ministry work. So, things like…

groceries… gas… transportation… and utilities…

are provided for when people like us choose to partner with them financially. Refreshed Moms is making it easy for you to do so while supporting your desire to rest and know God more.

I think it’s significant that God has staffed the leadership of this school with moms… maybe it’s because people need to see how moms lead well as well as where we mess things up as we try so they can know they can do it too (Deanna’s paraphrase).

Emily Manginelli

Director of the School of Biblical Studies -Atlanta, Youth With a Mission

Refreshed Moms Selected Mom Missionaries for 2023

Meet Leah Hatefi

I’m Leah Hatefi, wife to Aaron, mother of Evelie and Noah, and I’m a vocational missionary with Youth With a Mission.

YWAM equips young people to go into all nations and make disciples of all peoples and tongues. After leading many teams to other countries, sharing the Gospel and serving with various long-term mercy-ministry projects, I felt Jesus asking me to serve in US cities and a call to the local church.
My husband and I moved to Atlanta, GA, had our first baby & I was invited to establish and open a YWAM School of Biblical Studies in Atlanta. Little did I know God was bringing together all of the things he had spoken years prior!!
We ran our first school in 2022 and I was honored to be a part of the leadership team! Pioneering meant that I carried many roles as needed- but what I love most is seeing people discover more freedom in their relationships with God as a result of the Truth of His word and the love found in His presence.
My prayer is that our students discover truth and deepen their understanding through the love of the Holy Spirit while they study & then take this into world so that others may know God through their life example.

Meet Brittany Woods

I’m Brittany Woods, wife to Alex, mother of my soon-expected first little one, and I’m a vocational missionary with SIM (Sudan Interior Mission) USA.

I have had the joy of leading short-term teams to West, South and North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and throughout Europe, serving in nearly 20 countries.

In the last 2 years, my primary focus has been mobilizing people to missions through the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. I have taught various lessons throughout the US for the past five years, and in the past two had a real focus with coaching Perspectives alumni to help them discover next steps God may be calling them to and recruiting and equipping other coaches within SIM to do the same.

This will all shift in the coming months, as my husband (who is Campus Director at Howard University for Campus Outreach) are planning to move to Lusaka, Zambia to join the Campus Outreach team there. In Lusaka, I will use my past experience with mobilizing to help Zambian Christians explore how God may be inviting them into missions and equip those desirous to share the Gospel cross-culturally.

There are 3 membership options to choose from – all options receive the same access to the main content, but each option supports vocational mom ministers/missionaries differently – you choose the option that’s best for you.

Primary Membership


(14-Day FREE Trial)

The Primary Membership gives you access to all the Refreshed Moms Bible studies, mini-courses, LIVE events, exclusive and early-released content, and supports me as a vocational ministry leader.

Double it Forward


(14-Day FREE Trial)

The Double it Forward Membership includes the same full access as the Primary Membership, plus helps support me and 1 mom missionary.

Triple it Forward


(14-Day FREE Trial)

 The Triple it Forward Membership includes the same full access as the Primary Membership and helps support me plus 2 mom missionaries.

Inside the membership you’ll receive full access to my Bible studies and select courses for cultivating your faith and rest, as well as the following bonuses:

  • Scripture writing plans that are perfect for days when your schedule is full.

  • Scripture observation techniques that help you study more deeply even if it’s just one verse or a short passage at a time.

  • Opportunities for question and answer when you come across a tough passage.

  • Guided prayer sessions that help you create consistency around intentional prayer times.

  • Short easy-to-consume Bible studies designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less.

  • Invitations to weigh in on topics you desire me to cover next in study.

  • Private podcast episodes recorded just for members.

  • Bible-centered community with other mom leaders who desire to know God more.

  • Coaching around rest and sabbath disciplines that help you release some of your daily load by doing less (if you desire) and better sustain your responsibilities during the week.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, you’ll have access to it all – and you’ll support a vocational mom minister/missionary in financial need at the same time!

Here’s what a few women shared about Refreshed Moms:

Deanna, thank you for your advent study on peace. Know that you went along on dog walks, school drop-offs, doctors waiting rooms and quiet computer moments. One thing I would say to anyone considering future studies is “this is gold…never wasted time when you slip in God’s Word of truth for your day.” 
Anne Michaels

We are all so over-stretched these days, and Deanna provides not only the much needed permission to rest, but incredibly valuable resources to help us actually make rest happen.

Nicole Terrell

I am a small business owner and mom of two elementary-aged children. I'm tired y'all. I am really glad to have found Deanna.


I'm a wife, mom, ministry leader, and radio host... it's really hard to juggle all the things. Refreshed Moms includes so many practical tools for moms and women who desire to live lives of impact. I'm thankful I found Deanna!

Melissa Moore

Deanna had me at "overcommitted." I didn't know how bad I needed Refreshed Moms until now!


The CEO of Refreshed Moms and Founder of the non-profit Needle Movers for Social Equity, Deanna is a recoverer of burnout caused by unrealistic personal expectations around goals for both work and family.

As a result, she shut the doors of her thriving organization in 2014, and took a 3-year sabbatical from entrepreneurship.

While taking time to recover from her overextended life, she learned how to embrace the rest she needed to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well as she raised and homeschooled her children.

After that 3rd year, she felt God calling her back into business with the goal of helping other moms like her – moms fulfilling multiple leadership roles such as entrepreneurship, homeschooling, or ministry – sustain their work and family with Bible study, prayer, and sabbath rest practices that renew and refresh.

She started Refreshed Moms to do exactly that.

Featured in:

Here’s a quick FAQ on the membership:

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, and you can also move between tier levels at any time.

Q: Will I lose access to the content and Bible studies once I cancel.

Yes, I want to keep the content exclusive for those within the membership in order to provide an incentive to continue supporting the mom missionaries I’ve identified as needing support.

Q: Will you tell us who the mom missionaries are that are supported through the Refreshed Moms Membership?

Yes! I will make sure you know exactly who they are and how to reach out to them to pray and support them beyond what Refreshed Moms can do! Oh what a joy to create those connections between our community and their families!

The Refreshed Moms Membership is perfect for you if you’re a believer in Jesus who’s:

  • Running a business and raising kids

  • A homeschool mom

  • A ministry or non-profit leader

  • A Coach or Consultant

  • Currently feeling stretched too thin trying to keep up with all of your responsibilities.

  • Feeling like you’re not spending time with God in a way that allows you to hear from him.

  • Thinking that if something doesn’t change soon you’re going to quit your work or ministry.

When I was running my first non-profit while homeschooling back in 2013, I slowly stopped spending consistent time with God in prayer and Bible study.

Not because I didn’t want to, and not because I didn’t believe it was important.

But my work and productivity became my focus, and some kind of way I replaced my time with God with the busyness my roles seemed to demand of me.

I did not even know what rest and sabbath were back then – I mean who has time to take 24 hours off anyway?

I was working every single day – it’s no wonder I eventually burned out and closed down my organization.

During a 3-year sabbatical to recover from that season, I rediscovered the vital importance of prioritizing prayer, Bible study, and rest.

I’m now able to run a consulting business, a non-profit, and homeschool all in the same season of life.

I’m convinced it’s not because I’m super productive or super capable, but because I’ve actually learned to do less in order to spend time with God more.

It’s within my faith disciplines that I’m able to hear from God and navigate the other responsibilities of my life.

And now I’m able to show other moms like me how to do the same thing.

If your life feels too full and misaligned with your desires around spending time with God, being a present mom, and doing fulfilling work, it doesn’t have to.

The Refreshed Membership is here to help.

I invite you to join today.