Busy mom leaders struggling to prioritize prayer can turn rushed, distracted attempts into connected intimacy in minutes with this refreshing approach to spending time with God.

“I feel light, refreshed and overwhelmed by God’s goodness and beauty through this type of prayer.” 

S. Williams

“Thank you so much for sharing this new way of prayer…I’ve already shared it with friends!”

E. Erickson

What you get:

My short video tutorial on how I revolutionized my prayer time, moving from popcorn, disengaged, quick checklist prayers to me losing track of time in sweet communion with Jesus.


  • Eliminate mind wandering and lack of focus.
  • Transform prayer from feeling like a chore (I have to pray) to something you crave (I can’t wait to pray)!
  • Use the practice of doodling with colored pens/pencils as a meditative prayer tool.
  • Grab your journal and implement immediately!



Who am I?

I’m Deanna Mason, Rest Consultant for mom entrepreneurs with Refreshed Moms, where I help you exchange business burnout & overcommitment with a life filled with rest.

I’ve done entrepreneurship two different ways – my own way and God’s way. Doing things God’s way has definitely been my path to greater peace and fulfillment, and praying for my business is what has kept me focused on the things that actually matter the most.

If I had to pick my most effective business and marketing tool, it wouldn’t be social media, email lists, or funnels. Relationships have been vital in building my business, and that includes continuing to nurture my most important one – my relationship with God. Guess what? Spending time with him praying in color is where it all begins.