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Welcome to the #1 community for mom leaders who desire weekly rhythms of Bible study, prayer, and rest in order to know God more and sustain the work they feel called them to do.

If God has called you to do important work while you’re in a season of motherhood, but the rigor of leadership is impacting your ability to spend time with him – and all of your responsibilities are feeling like too much then this community is for you.

“God made sabbath rest for moms too.”

~Deanna Mason

 Rest is a heart position where we say to God,

“I’m not in control of my life, YOU are.”

And Sabbath Rest is God’s gift to his children that refreshes and restores us in order to sustain our service in his Kingdom, divinely equipping us in the work we’ve been called to do.

There are so many moms who desire to be home with their children, but feel the tug of entrepreneurship or ministry while their children are still young.

The biggest challenge is trying to be everything to everyone at the same time, which results in a depletion of energy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

And one of the first things that falls to the wayside in the midst of this overcommitment is time with God.

The good news is that in the Refreshed Moms Sabbath Rest Community you will learn the divine rhythms your life needs in order to obey God in your parenting and your work, AND reprioritize the most important thing – nurturing your relationship with him in worship, prayer and Bible study.

Sabbath Rest helps you:

✔️ Make room in your life to hear God’s voice clearer.

✔️ Allow God to divinely restore you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

✔️ Make creativity and thought clarity more accessible.

✔️ Avoid burnout.

✔️ Strengthen your immune system.

✔️ Be more present with your children and loved ones.

✔️ Be more productive, more lucrative, and do amazing work.

✔️ Be more equipped to answer God’s call to leadership.


There is no such thing as sustainable good work without good rest.

And God created his divine rest strategy of the sabbath to help us do just that.

Deanna provides such actionable steps to avoid burnout as a mom who is also an entrepreneur, homeschooler, wife, and everything above! I am grateful for her and the community she has built.


I've personally worked with Deanna and she is the real deal. She knows what it's like to juggle motherhood and being an entrepreneur.

Vanessa Wright

Let me share a bit more about this community and why I created it.

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3 Different Community Levels to Choose From

Choose your level based on the support you need.

$5, $10, or $15 a month.

Creating a restful, fulfilling sabbath practice takes time. It is filled with nuances that are unique to you and your life season. No two journeys are the same.

But, the main goal will be to create consistency around your time with God so that he can begin guiding you into his desires for your rest as well as make room for what your heart is desperately craving.

I’ll serve as your guide and will cover the following lessons from my course:

A Mom’s Guide to Sabbath Rest: A step-by-step audio and video course that leads you in creating a refreshing sabbath rest practice that considers your unique home life, your season of parenting children, your work, and your worship.

I’ll help you unpack the theology behind the six days of work and one day of rest modeled by God during Creation in order to ignite your faith around his desires for your rest.

This module will begin chopping away at the practical considerations needed to begin enjoying a weekly 24-hour sabbath practice that refills and refreshes you, even during a season of motherhood.

How you rest may be drastically different than how your best friend rests, or your husband, or your kids. You gotta understand what activities (or non-activities) actually refill you, and sometimes that takes time to do. These lessons will help you craft your unique approach to rest for your current life season (because trust me, your needs change over time).

Do you do chores on the sabbath? Do you run your kids to their activities? Do you cook all the meals? Do you run errands? These lessons will help you consider how you need to approach your home management on your sabbath day in order to not feel the distracting mental weight of tasks you’re putting off in order to rest.

No matter if you have strong beliefs about minimizing your own screen time or currently feel like you overindulge a bit, these lessons are designed to help you “self-diagnose” what you need regarding screens in order to protect the rest you need on your sabbath day.

Enjoying a sabbath day may feel very “middle class.” Maybe it feels like it’s only for people who have enough money to support such a “luxury.” What about single moms who have to work seven days a week to make ends meet? What about lower-income moms holding down two jobs? Did God create sabbath rest for them too?

Short answer: Of course he did.

Long answer: Well, it’s in the course, but I’ll share my thoughts on God’s heart for all who desire sabbath rest to enjoy it, and what responsibility God has, as well as that of those with more material comfort have to help make this a reality for others.

There’s even more rest support for moms…

Community members will also have access to:

Monthly Event Calendar – Sign up for what you want to attend, and disregard what you don’t – you don’t need to show up to it all. Get in where you fit in.

Meal-Planning Co-Working Sessions – Pull out your Pinterest Board and join me for one hour dedicated to crafting a meal plan for your family that feels refreshing (and meets your family members’ individual (and picky) food preferences – listen, I got these jokers in my house and I know how picky they can be. I’ll help you do this).

The Sabbath Rest Classroom – This is where I’ll teach all the Sabbath Rest things that help you craft a practice that works for you (and don’t worry, they will be recorded and you can listen to them in podcast format if you can’t make it LIVE).

We are all so over-stretched these days, and Deanna provides not only the much needed permission to rest, but incredibly valuable resources to help us actually make rest happen.

Nicole Terrell

I am a small business owner and mom of two elementary-aged children. I'm tired y'all. I am really glad to have found Deanna.


I'm a wife, mom, ministry leader, and radio host... it's really hard to juggle all the things. Refreshed Moms includes so many practical tools for moms and women who desire to live lives of impact. I'm thankful I found Deanna!

Melissa Moore

Deanna had me at "overcommitted." I didn't know how bad I needed Refreshed Moms until now!


The Refreshed Moms Online Community is perfect for you if you’re a believer in Jesus who’s:

  • Running a business and raising kids

  • A homeschool mom

  • A ministry or non-profit leader

  • A Coach or Consultant

  • Currently feeling stretched too thin trying to keep up with all of your responsibilities.

  • Feeling like you’re not spending time with God in a way that allows you to hear from him.

  • Thinking that if something doesn’t change soon you’re going to quit your work or ministry.

The CEO of Refreshed Moms and Founder of the non-profit Needle Movers for Social Equity, Deanna is a recoverer of burnout caused by unrealistic personal expectations around goals for both work and family.

As a result, she shut the doors of her thriving organization in 2014, and took a 3-year sabbatical from entrepreneurship.

While taking time to recover from her overextended life, she learned how to embrace the rest she needed to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well as she raised and homeschooled her children.

After that 3rd year, she felt God calling her back into business with the goal of helping other moms like her – moms fulfilling multiple leadership roles such as entrepreneurship, homeschooling, or ministry – sustain their work and family with sabbath rest practices that renew and refresh.

She started Refreshed Moms to do exactly that.

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If your life feels too full and misaligned with your desires around spending time with God, being a present mom, and doing fulfilling work, it doesn’t have to.

Enjoying a consistent Sabbath Rest practice may be exactly what you need.

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3 Different Community Levels to Choose From

Choose your level based on the support you need.

$5, $10, or $15 a month.